Joseph Chodash

About me

I became a resident of San Antonio when I couldn’t resist the attraction to the Texas Hill Country region. I am originally from the New York metropolitan area and I bring to the JB Goodwin Team the extensive high end customer service experience that I attained as a family business owner and operations manager. Throughout the past seven years I have gained a well rounded knowledge and understanding of the City of San Antonio and its surrounding area. Endlessly exploring, I learned about the many things this City has to offer: from its historical and cultural venues; diverse population and cuisine; its parks and monuments; and most importantly its beautiful residential neighborhoods and commercial centers. Also, I possess a degree in buying and merchandising. In addition, I have some personal experience working with architects, designers, builders, contractors, insurers, and real estate salespersons when searching for and buying personal residential and rental income properties. My personal feelings about helping you to buy and sell a home or investment property is consistent with the JB Goodwin Company mission statement which is to “Help People.”


Real Estate Credentials